Being a Dad to a 1 Month Old | My Early Struggles

1 Month in, What Ive learned about being a Dad

Ive never experienced something like this, this is literally the hardest thing ive ever done in my life.

With the chaos that has been going on from bringing home our daughter, ive found myself frustrated way too often. It seems like everything I do or that happens just rolls downhill, but with me being the type of person I am, I feel like I’m just not doing good enough.

My daughter is absolutely amazing, just as is my girlfriend, her mother. But ive just been frustrated. I mistakenly have taken it out on her… But since she’s done this twice before, she understands. One of the wisest things that she’s told me, is simply that ill never be ready and it won’t be easy.

Its hard for me to take that, because I’m always prepared right? Wrong. That was a huge wake up call. But I’m still trying to balance everything.

She keeps telling me to stop trying, and just be our daughters dad, but how? I always try to be the best at anything and everything that I do. Especially being so unprepared for this whole fatherhood thing, its been so overwhelming.

Its like I’m just fighting with myself, when the only thing I need to do is just be myself. That’s when everything happens, when I’m just me.

On a quick side note, the misses car got a flat on Halloween, so to top everything off we got hit with some bad luck. Low and behold her car didn’t have a spare, it literally had an extra tire. A brand new tire…. Can you believe that?! But still I have to figure out how and when we can get it mounted, but hopefully soon (for now she has the spare from my car on hers, same lug pattern luckily).

Its extremely hard, all of it. But I’m trying to slowly plug away and get back to being me again, hopefully it doesnt take too long!

Even only having our daughter being 1 month old, it has been so difficult to adjust to, she was right I never was going to be ready. But I know she is still right, I just have to be myself…

We will get there.

Becoming a Dad for the First time, and it is awesome

The Adventures of a New Dad

Becoming a Dad, A Life Changing Experience

Becoming a Dad was one of the things that I’ve always wanted to become. When we found out that we were expecting it was one of the most amazing movements of my life. However, at the same time, reality started hitting me: Wow, I must make sure that this little human was going to have the best experience coming into this crazy world. Which I was trying to do even before she was born, but it hit me even harder once she joined us.

I won’t let her down no matter what. No matter how crazy things get, I will always do my best and make sure her and her brothers (My Step-Children) are able to have the best, and grow into strong, respectable humans.

Bringing a Child into this Crazy World

Nowadays, most of us are weary of the state of the world. But Like I said above, it was a huge reality check into what I was going to do to make sure she’s always safe. At times, that has broken me, not knowing what can and will happen and where.

I’m not saying that I was just overwhelmed and nervous (Although I was nervous for the last few days), but I was more concerned that with the current state of the world, and bringing in an innocent child into the middle of this is frankly terrifying. The US government has been crazy, and tension between world powers even more.

But at the same time, I didn’t care. My little one was going to be loved, more than anything, not only by me her Dad, but her mother, and entire family that is surrounding her. So that helped.

Overcoming Obstacles and Struggles of a Tough Pregnancy

One of the hardest things that I’ve encountered in my life was going through a High-Risk pregnancy. Where I might not have been the person that was pregnant, but my love for her, and hating to see her in constant pain, KILLED me. Where normally I’m awesome under stress and

Even though through all the struggles and obstacles that we have had to go through with her being born, we have learned a lot. Not only about ourselves, but about who will be there at the end of the day. I can’t even explain the night and day difference from not being a Dad to my own Child, to seeing her born.

You might think it is some crazy phenomenon, but it instantly changes who you are. That is what I want to dig deep into with this writing and the videos that I will be releasing.

What will Adventures of a Car Dad Be About?

Now, this Blog/Channel (Creating a YouTube Channel as well) is about my adventures not only as a Dad, but as a Dad who is an avid Car Enthusiast, Gamer, Entrepreneur, and Thrill Seeker. Taking you through the journey of not just life as me learning to be a Dad, but also through the struggles of a very tough pregnancy in which our Daughter joined us 4 Weeks premature to her Due Date. I’m writing this and documenting the journey of our lives, and how it changes, and will continue to change as time passes. While at the same time balancing who you are and your hobbies while being a kick a** Dad to your Child.